Ladies Auxiliary

Secretary's report for year ended 30th June 2017


Current Committee
President: Kate Peach Vice President: Lois Traeger
Treasurer: Sue Schroder Vice Treasurer: Sharryn Neale
Secretary: Di Walker Vice Secretary: Sandy Germein
Op Shop Manager: Di Vargas Assistant Manager: Sharyn Neale
Jill Wyatt

We held our Fashion Parade on the 10th November 2015 and we made just over $2,000.00 It was very successful and thanks go to all our volunteers involved in organising the event.

The OP shop has been very successful in the last year and the shed has been open on the last Saturday of each month, and also on the Saturday of the Public holiday weekends. The shed takes donations of furniture and electrical items.
Thanks to the people who donate their items.

We have signed a lease for the shop with David Lutze for 5 years. The overall income for the last financial year was over $71,500,shop expenditure and donations to the hospital amounted to approx. $85,000.

Items purchased for the Hospital are Air Conditioners, wardrobes, vinyl flooring for rooms 9 and 10, Nikki pump for palliative clients, A&E crash cart, Curtains for the main entrance and upgrades to the security and call bell systems.

The committee members would like to thank all our current volunteers and ones that have left for their hard work and support over this year.

If you are interested in joining the Ardrossan Hospital Ladies Auxiliary as a volunteer please contact the Ardrossan Community Hospital and the Admin staff will be able to direct you to the appropriate contact.

Di Walker