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Corona Virus action plan for our facility

Ardrossan Community Hospital - Updates

Action plan for our facility As of today, 18th of March 2020 to protect both our residents/patients/staff and family (consumers) we will be putting these restrictions in place until we receive further instructions from the Department of Health and Hospital Board of Governance - please note there will be no negotiations.

These restrictions are a preventable measure, as it is evident from isolation in other countries that these measures work.

Please note that we are also coming into Flu season and changes in seasons means hay fever is still strong - so do not automatically think Corona Virus.

As we are a facility that provides aged care and acute services these actions are across the board.

1. Abide by Corona Virus precautions: self-quarantine if you have been Overseas or identified areas of the virus. If you show any signs and symptoms – sore throat/temperature, running nose, cough please contact Medical Clinics/hotline or hospital for advice.

2. If you have any flu like symptoms you are not allowed on site.

3. Only immediate family or substitute other can visit the consumer and the visit is restricted to a maximum 2 people per day.

4. You can only visit the consumer in their rooms – you are not allowed to enter any communal areas.

5. No visitors under the age of 16 are allowed to visit this facility unless discussed with the Executive Officer/Director of Nursing.

6. If you have any medical condition or are compromised in any way which includes pregnancy - you are recommended to stay away

7. All volunteer activities have now been cancelled – this includes Hands & Nails, Bingo, walking groups, men’s shed or any other outings. All activities will be done internally with employed staff only.

8. Any one that does not have the Flu Vax by the end of April will not be able to enter our facility – this includes staff. I respect that people have allergies to the vaccine and there will have to be actions for this; but if it is your preference not to have the vaccine you will not be allowed to be on site. I recommend that you always carry evidence on you that you have had the vaccine.

9. We will still provide the same level of care and staffing will not change.

The hospital is still continuing to run as normal and services have been restricted in the Health Centre

It is hard not to panic, unfortunately this is all new to us as well and every day there are new updates but reassured that we have good infection control procedures in place. I will continue to keep you updated and I will ensure we will always provide the best care to.

But if we wash hands regularly and keep 1.5-meter distance from people - no kissing/hugging or handshakes – will be a good start preventing spreading

Good luck


Jodie Luke

Executive Officer/Director of Nursing

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